• It maintains colouration throughout the year.
  • It is the top of the range grass compared to other varieties and is suggested for the avid gardener as it needs more attention and maintenance
  • Does not accommodate too well with pets as constant or a lot of traffic, is not preferable on this type of grass.
  • It needs to be watered very regularly, when you choose this grass you will definitely have the most picturesque garden, although you have to be up to the task of successfully maintaining this grass variety.


  • Has to be mowed at least once per week to ensure best results.
  • Can be mowed with a normal lawn mower.
  • Has to be inspected for other grass species too ensure no other grass previously planted invades the Cool Season.
  • Sensitive to general toxic “over the counter” chemicals bought at non-specialist traders, that are not knowledgeable with correct care.
  • Use Nitrogen rich fertilizers or compost as it thrives therein.