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Kikuyu -


  • The most common grass found in S.A. which grows on 90% of surfaces
  • It adjusts to ground type very easily
  • It is a warm season grass which means it loses colouration during winter months, but it can however be kept green longer with the right care and if it is planted in warmer areas.
  • It is dependable on more than just rainwater
  • Kikuyu grass is the strongest grower, it handles traffic the best (movement i.e. walking or driving) and can easily be salvaged when it has died back to a perfect state.


  • Kikuyu is mostly mowed by a normal blade lawnmower which will be perfectly suited
  • Best results in regards to colouration can be achieved through regular watering, preferably early morning when the sun is not too hot.
  • Treatment suggestions are normal KAN or 2:3:2 fertilizers for quick results.